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Picking Up the Optimal Steel Conveyor Belts

Our company has more than 17 years' experience of manufacturing and exporting high quality steel conveyor belts. What we have been doing is to provide the best possible conveyor belts with long service time and at a competitive price. Meanwhile, the superb service and innovative spirit make our company popular with our customers. We are happy to assist our customers with picking up the most optimal belts for their production process.

What are your looking for?

Company profile
Established in 2000, our company is one of the specialists for manufacturing quality steel conveyor belts for over 17 years. We pay much attention to quality management, innovative development and superb service to make sure that our products will satisfy our customers. Read More...

Product introduction
Our company mainly run quality steel conveyor belts including flat wire with clinched or welded edge, rod network conveyor belt for transferring lightweight products, four styles of eye flex conveyor belts and various belts in different sizes, weave methods and designs. Read More...

Not only the various conveyor belt we can manufacture, but also the assessories.
Like the roller chains and sprockets, matching the specifications of the mesh belt. Click here if you want to know more about the details. Read More...

Contact us
We have profession custom service team waiting on line 24/7 for answering your questions, handling custom orders and replying your emails once we receive it. Our email address is sales@steelconveyorbelt.com. We are waiting for your inquiry.Read More...

Steel conveyor belts

  • What types of steel conveyor belt?
    Four styles of steel conveyor belts for food industry.

    Steel conveyor belts for food industry.

    Steel conveyor belts are available in a very diverse and extensive materials, sizes and designs. As your request, conveyor belts can be made of carbon steel, stainless steel, galvanized steel and other custom materials. Here is the list of our main products:
    • Flat wire conveyor belt.
    • Rod network belt.
    • Eye flex conveyor belt.
    • Balanced weave conveyor belt.
    • Compound weave conveyor belt.
    • Universal weave conveyor belt.
    • Conventional weave conveyor belt.
    • Radius conveyor belt.
    • Ladder conveyor belt.
    • Flat rolled baking belt.
  • What can these belts do for you?
    Whether it be conveying light and medium weight products or transferring heavy loads, you will always find a steel conveyor belts that suitable for your application such as food processing, chemical industry, steel industries and various application as shown below:
    • Draining.
    • Cooling.
    • Baking.
    • Drying.
    • Freezing.
    • Washing.
    • Cooking.
    • Heat treating.
    • Sorting.
    • Sieving.
    • Hardening.
    • Tempering.
    • Quenching.
    • Transferring.
    • Electrotechnical industry.
    • Pasteurizing.
    • Glass industry.
    • Ceramic industry.
    • Chemical industry.
    • Agricultural industry.
    • Waste handling.
    • Drag matting.
    • Blanching, etc.
  • Focus on food safety
    Steel conveyor belts manufactured by our company are in accordance with the latest food safety requirements for food processing facilities including FDA, GMP and 1935/2004/EC, etc. What we have done is to make sure that our conveyor belts are fit for use in the most demanding food processing applications.

Our superb service

Our company not only can provide quality steel conveyor belts, but also offer one-stop service to provide convenience to our customers:

  • Professional advice - if you are in trouble of picking up appropriate conveyor belts, our engineer will give you the most professional advice according to our decades of experience.
  • Custom design - We welcome custom orders from our customers and we will keep your design secrete. Meanwhile, as your request, our experienced engineers will offer special designs to suit your special projects.
  • Quick reply - Professional custom service team is waiting on line all the time to answer your questions and reply your email in time.
  • Detailed instruction - Our company will offer detailed instruction guiding you how to install, maintain and clean your steel conveyor belts.

If your have some question or want more details about our products, please feel free to email us at sales@steelconveyorbelt.com directly. We are waiting for your inquiry.

Hot Products

Flat Wire Conveyor Belt

Flat wire conveyor belts with cross rods and flat metal strips features flat surface, endless spacing and large open areas for ease of air circulation.

Rod Network Belt

Straight & curved rod network conveyor are available with chain links, carriers, points and special rods for conveying light or medium weight products.

Eye Flex Conveyor Belt

Steel eye flex conveyor belts with large open area, tough structure and long service life, can be used in chemical, steel and food industries.

Balanced Weave Belt

Balance weave conveyor belt, composed of right and left hand spirals joined by crimped rods, is the best choice in food, chemical and steel industries.

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