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Compact Conveyor Belt with Over 70% Open Area

Compact conveyor belts in 2 mesh opening sizes

Compact conveyor belt is an excellent support device designed specifically for small products. Its over 70% open area makes cleaning easier and provides excellent ventilation for heating, cooling and coating operations. The non-slip positive drive technology of this equipment provides the highest standard for belt tracking and keeps the belt running in a straight line even under heavy loads, which makes the entire production process smoother and more efficient.

Compact conveyor belts are available in two mesh opening sizes, 10 mm and 15 mm. It means that you can choose from a variety of sizes to suit your production needs. In addition, it offers excellent durability and reliability, and can ensure long-term use without failure or damage. Whether you are producing food, medical devices or other small products, compact conveyor belts are a reliable choice.


Compact Conveyor Belt Specifications
Item 10 mm 15 mm
Wire Diameter 1.6 mm 2.08 mm
Pitch 10 mm 15 mm
Belt Thickness 5.2 mm 6.7 mm
Weight 4.9 kg/m2 5.8 kg/m2
Open Area 70% 73%
Wide Range 282–3682 mm 271–3061 mm
Minimum Transfer Diameter 16 mm 25 mm
Minimum Drive Gear Diameter 51 mm (8 teeth) 64 mm (6 teeth)
Suitable Materials SS302 and SS316 SS302 and SS316


  • Easy to install.
  • No welding required.
  • Positive driven.
  • Easy to clean and clean in place.
  • Less likely to accumulate particles.
  • Lightweight than that of other conveyor belts.
  • Provide excellent support for small products.
  • Suitable for frying, cooking and cooling.
  • Offer excellent ventilation in coating applications.


  • Heating
  • Cooling
  • Drying
  • Coating
  • Freezing
  • Baking
  • Frying
  • De-elevating

Product Display

A compact conveyor belt is placed on the desk.

10 mm compact conveyor belt

Compact conveyor details

Compact conveyor details

A ruler is used to check the width of the compact conveyor belt

Compact conveyor belt inspection

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