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Flat Rolled Baking Belt - The Solution to Biscuit Baking

Flat rolled baking belt boasts its Z-shaped flattened spirals to create a light and loose structure allows for free heat, air and gas circulation. Therefore, they are ideal for biscuit and cookie baking plant. In addition, the flattest surface makes the flat rolled baking belt easy to retain the shape and design of the biscuits and cookies.

Flat rolled baking belt are used to baking biscuits.
Flat rolled baking belt for biscuit baking
The detail structure of flat rolled baking belt and some biscuits
Z-shaped flattened spiral structure of the belt.


  • Material: high quality carbon steel; stainless steel 304 and other custom materials.
  • Application: suitable for baking biscuits, cookies, crackers, ginger bread, etc.
  • Belt width: up to 1800mm.
  • Belt length: up to 300m.
  • Temperature range: up to 275°C.
Item No Tooling pitch
(mm) TP
Wire diameter
(mm) D
Spiral pitch
(mm) SP
Belt pitch
(mm) BP
Belt thickness
(mm) T
BGZ-454 8.2 1.2 4 5.4 2.4 7
BGZ-452 8.5 1.5 4.5 5.2 3 12.2
BGZ-468 8.2 1.3 4.3 6.8 2.6 7.4
BGZ-467 8.2 1.4 4.4 6.7 2.8 8.2
A simple drawing of the Z wire belt, showing more details.
A piece of biscuit baking belt made of copper wire.
Copper wire available for the Z wire belt if request.


  • Stratified metal spiral structure.
  • Smooth baking surface.
  • Lightweight with reduced thickness.
  • Low heat inertia.
  • High strength and stability.
  • Excellent air circulation and heat distribution.
  • Looped edge or welded edge.
  • Long service life and Low maintenance.

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