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Flat Wire Conveyor Belt

Flat wire conveyor belts with cross rods and flat metal strips features flat surface, endless spacing and large open areas for ease of air circulation.

Rod Network Belt

Straight & curved rod network conveyor are available with chain links, carriers, points and special rods for conveying light or medium weight products.

Eye Flex Conveyor Belt

Steel eye flex conveyor belts with large open area, tough structure and long service life, can be used in chemical, steel and food industries.

Balanced Weave Belt

Balance weave conveyor belt, composed of right and left hand spirals joined by crimped rods, is the best choice in food, chemical and steel industries.

Compound Weave Conveyor Belt

Compound weave conveyor belts with tightly woven structure are generally used in small product conveying, food processing and chemical industries.

Universal Weave Conveyor Belt

Universal weave conveyor belts have superb air circulation, smooth surface, stronger structures to withstand high temperature and high loads.

Conventional Weave Conveyor Belt

Conventional weave conveyor belts feature alternating right and left hand spirals with large open areas for excellent air circulation and fluid drainage.

Compact Conveyor Belt

Compact conveyor belts are conveyor belts that are installed on small machines and can significantly improve the efficiency and smoothness of the entire production process.

Flat Top Chains

Flat top chains, simple structure, smooth surface and steady conveying is widely used in dairy, breweries, pharmacy and canning applications

Metal Chain Plate Conveyor Belt

Metal chain plate conveyor belt with durable material, transverse baffle and side guard supplies high conveying efficiency in food and water treatment industries.

Radius Conveyor Belt

Radius conveyor belts with flat or round spiral wire can provide smooth and dependable product flow minimizing damages of fragile and delicate products.

Ladder Conveyor Belt

Ladder conveyor belts with S-shaped hooks, chain links or U-shaped links, are idea for common loads and food process such as cooling, drying and washing.

Flat Rolled Baking Belt

Flat rolled baking belts with the flattest surface, lightweight structure and excellent air circulation are ideal for biscuit and cookie baking plant.

Oven Mesh Belt

Oven mesh belt, balanced weave, flat rolled belt and other types for high temperature resistance and efficient conveying for biscuit, cookie and bread baking.

Foaming Furnace Mesh Belt

Foaming furnace mesh belt is often used in conveying lines, powerful filtration and protection, explosion-proof industries.

Roller Chains – Conveyor Belt Accessory

Roller chains, important accessory of conveyor belt system, can be supplied in ANSI/BS/DIN standards, types and specs.

Roller Chain Sprocket – Conveyor Belt Accessory

Roller chain sprockets, used with roller chains, are essential accessories to ensure the stable and efficient conveying and transmitting.