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Stainless Steel Rod Network Belt for Fried Food Transmitting

A part of rod network belt conveying equipment on the ground.
RNBF-01: Rod network belt conveying equipment is used for high efficient transmitting foods.

In the food industry, we commonly need the conveying equipment to complete high efficient production line. In the whole conveying system, it consists of the following components:

  • Conveying equipment frame. It is the foundation of whole system. It is used for supplying stable support for conveying equipment.
  • Gear motor. it is used for supplying power and ensuring the continuous equipment rotary.
  • Conveyor belt. Conveyor belt is the most important component among all the components. It is used for bearing and transmitting supplies.

As we all know, conveyor belt has multi-materials and styles to be used in wide range of applications. In the food industry. it has extreme requirements for the material and physical property. We recommended the stainless steel rod network belt for you.

In the material, stainless steel rod network belt adopts food grade 304 stainless steel, which is non-toxic and safe for human body. Additional, it is chemical stable, corrosion and rust resistant and temperature resistant. It can play a good performance even in the extremely high temperature conditions, for example fried food. As we all know, the fried food has high temperature through being fried in the hot oil, the stainless steel rod network belt can bear this high temperature and ensure the stable and quick transmission.

In the structure, the rod network belt is transmitted by specific chains to ensure the fast and stable working. Besides, the rod network has a smooth surface and simple structure, the large mesh sizes can supply larger surface area for food transmitting. So it is an ideal choice to be used in the food industry and become a new model food production line.

All these make the stainless steel rod network belt popular in all over the world.

Recommended specification of rod network belt:

  • Type: RNCB-1.
  • Wire diameter: 0.035".
  • Strands: 72'.
  • Pitch: 1/8".
  • Open area: 77%.
  • Maximum belt load: 5 pounds per square feet.
  • Belt edge: single or double loop edge.

Different Belt edge for choice:

  • Single loop edge.
  • Double loop edge.
  • C-shaped loop edge.

More types and specifications refer to the rod network belt product page.

A piece of rod network belt with single loop belt edge.
RNBF-02: Single loop belt edge.
A piece of rod network belt with double loop edge.
RNBF-03: Double loop belt edge.

For meeting some emergent orders and satisfying the customers' requirements, we have large stocks in our warehouse. All the products will be tested again by professional equipment before loading. Only the qualified products can be delivered to our customers. We can also accepted trial order and can supply samples for test and comparison.

Two bundle of rod network belts on the warehouse ground.
RNBF-04: Large stocks of rod network belts.
A small roll of rod network belt and a brochure on the table.
RNBF-05: Samples can be supplied for test.
Several breads on the rod network belt.
RNBF-06: Rod network belt for bread baking transmitting.
Several fried chicken on the rod network belt.
RNBF-07: Rod network belt for fried food transmitting.

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